Preparation method of ginkgo sauce



The invention relates to a preparation method of ginkgo sauce, which comprises the following steps: (1) selecting legumes (soy or bean); (2) washing the legumes; (3) soaking the legumes; (4) cooking the legumes; (5) inoculating: uniformly stirring ginkgo detoxification powder, the legumes, flour, glucose, and koji to obtain a koji material; (6) obtaining material koji; (7) preparing the ginkgo sauce; and (8) fermenting: uniformly stirring the material koji and obtaining the ginkgo sauce by fermentation. The sauce mash is reddish brown, has good gloss and heavy sauce flavor. The ginkgo sauce prepared by the invention has unique aroma and taste of ginkgo, and ginkgo fruit is nutritious, is developed into a sauce product and plays the role of nutrition and health-care functions, thereby widening the scope of application of the ginkgo.




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