Novel aquagel tissue filling agent used for ophthalmonogy



The invention relates to a novel aquagel tissue filling agent used for ophthalmonogy and a preparation method thereof. The invention uses monomer N-vinyl pyrrolidone and methyl methacrylate as raw materials to carry out copolyreaction for preparation according to a certain mass mixture ratio of N-vinyl pyrrolidone/methyl methacrylate=50 to 95 percent/5 to 50 percent. After being implanted into eyes, aquagel implanting bodies generate slow degradation reaction under the effect of glutathione in body fluid, so the volume swelling capacity is continuously and slowly increased. The novel aquagel tissue filling agent used for ophthalmonogy of the invention has higher volume swelling capacity and good compression-resistance performance, has good tolerance and biocompatibility in human eyes, can realize the self expansion effect, and can slowly degrade under the effect of the body fluid, the volume is slowly increased, and the pain feeling caused by fast swelling of the implanted bodies in the early implanting stage can be reduced.




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