Herbicidal composition containing metazachlor and quizalofop-ethyl


  • Inventors: YIN XIAOGEN
  • Assignees: 尹小根
  • Publication Date: November 03, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101874490-A


The invention provides to a herbicidal composition containing metazachlor and quizalofop-ethyl and a preparation method and application. The composition is the mixture of the compound (A) metazachlor and the compound (B) quizalofop-ethyl. The composition is characterized in that the ratio of the compound (A) metazachlor to the compound (B) quizalofop-ethyl is 1-100:1; and the composition can be processed into wettable powder, emulsifiable concentrates, suspending agents and water-dispersible granules. The herbicidal provided by the invention can effectively prevent and kill off the annual grass weeds such as amur foxtail, feng grass, wild oats, crabgrass, millets, bluegrass, bristlegrass and the like and the broadleaf weeds such as amaranth, chamomile, matricary, knotweeds, mustard, eggplants, chickweeds, smartweeds, speedwell and the like in the rape fields. The control effect of the composition is obviously better than that of the single compound (A) or compound (B), thus substantially reducing the application dosage of various active substances.




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