Method for preventing repeated refresh of sub-ring outer domain address



The invention discloses a method for preventing repeated refresh of a sub-ring outer domain address, which is characterized by comprising that: each node of an Ethernet ring maintains a set Flush-list, wherein elements contained in the set Flush-list consist of ternary groups, namely ring, instance identification, interconnection node identification and link identification; and the node compares the ternary groups in the received R-APS (flush) protocol message with the elements in the set (Flush-list) to judge whether the node refreshes the address. The method can solve the problem (namely the problem of cyclic refresh of an address list) of the sub-ring outer domain refreshing address scheme of ITU-TG.8032 so that address refreshing storm is avoided and the network can be converged in 50ms after switching protection, and the method is extremely important for greatly improving the network performance.




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