External medicament for treating painful swelling of joints and gout diseases and preparation process thereof


  • Inventors: PENG SHULIN
  • Assignees: 彭树林
  • Publication Date: December 15, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-101912575-A


The invention discloses an external medicament for treating painful swelling of joints and gout diseases, which is prepared from the following raw materials: kelp, bletilla, radices trichosanthis, seaweed, Chinese violet, lightyellow sophora root, golden cypress, baical skullcap root, common selfheal fruit-spike, litchee pit, cherokee rose fruit, cape jasmine, common andrographis herb, paris root, common burreed rhizome, rhubarb, curcuma zedoary, akebiaquinata, turmeric and borneol. The external medicament is prepared from natural traditional Chinese medicines serving as raw materials, and can be prepared into powder, paste, spray, emulsion or cream by a conventional preparation method for Chinese medicinal preparations. The medicament is preferably powder, and has the advantages of remarkable and stable curative effect without toxic or side effect, convenient use, simple and convenient preparation and the like.




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