Online pump bracket of fuel system



The invention discloses an online pump bracket of a fuel system, which comprises an oil storage drum and a flange, wherein an electric fuel pump, a primary filter, a pressure regulating valve and an injection pump are arranged in the oil storage drum; the bottom part of the electric fuel pump is connected with the primary filter; the flange is arranged at the top part of the oil storage drum, and the flange is provided with an oil inlet pipe, a vent pipe and an oil outlet pipe; one end of the oil inlet pipe is connected with an oil tank, and the other end is connected with the injection pump through an oil conveying pipe; one end of the vent pipe is connected with the oil tank, and the other end is introduced into the oil storage drum; and one end of the oil outlet pipe is connected with an engine, and the other end is simultaneously connected with an oil outlet of the electric fuel pump and the pressure regulating valve through a multi-way pipe joint. The online pump bracket of the fuel system can lead oil in the oil tank to quickly enter into an oil supply system by using the injection pump to bring the oil in the oil tank into the oil storage drum, thereby overcoming the shortcomings of an existing online pump product which leads the fuel oil to enter into the oil supply system by only relying on self-gravity of the fuel oil, and avoiding the situation of insufficient oil supply during startup and acceleration.




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