Memory configuration apparatus and method



The invention relates to a memory configuration apparatus and the method thereof. The memory configuration apparatus is suitable for configuring projects in set association type cache memory, and comprises an array which can provide a first RLRU vector according to a first configuration request from a first function unit; the first RLRU assigns a first project from a cache memory set which is assigned by the first configuration request; the first PLRU vector is a bit tree containing a plurality of layers; a reversing logic unit receives the first PLRU vector and reverses a plurality of established bits, and generate a second PLRU vector according to the second configuration request of a second function unit; the second configuration configure request and the first configuration request are generated at the same time; the same set of the cache memory is assigned by the first configuration request; a second project assigned by the second PLRU vector is different from the first project from the same set; and the established bits include all the bits in the multi-layer bit tree.




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