Haarstylingzusammensetzung enthaltend Klebstoffpartikeln und nicht-klebrigen Partikeln

Hair styling composition comprising adhesive particles and non-adhesive particles

Composition de coiffage comprenant des particules adhésives et des particules non-adhésives


The invention relates to a hair styling composition comprising: an effective amount of at least one adhesive particle to provide a reshapable effect, an effective amount of at least one polymeric non-adhesive particle to impart at least one of the desirable properties and/or substantially maintain said reshapable effect relative to an identical formulation without said at least one non-adhesive particles, and a cosmetically acceptable carrier. The invention also relates to a method of providing a reshapable effect to the hair, comprising applying to the hair, before, during or after shaping of the hairstyle, a hair styling composition of according to the invention. And finally, the invention also relates to a method of making a reshapable hair styling composition.




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