Stator d'une machine électrique et son procédé de production

Rotary electric machine and manufacturing method thereof

Rotierende elektrische Maschine und Herstellungverfahren dafür


A vehicular alternator (1) includes a stator (2), a rotor (3), and a housing (4). The stator (2) has a stator core (32) with a plurality of slots (35), and a stator coil (31) passing through the slots (35). The stator coil (31) is constructed of a plurality of electric conductors (331, 332). Each electric conductor (331, 332) has insert portions (331a, 331b, 332a, 332b) located in the slot (35) and a connecting portion (331c, 332c) connecting the insert portions (331a, 331b, 332a, 332b) axially outside of the stator core (32). The connecting portion (331c, 332c) has a first curve portion (204) and a second curve portion (206). The first curve portion is located adjacent to an outer diameter of the stator core (32) and the second curve portion is located adjacent to an inner diameter of the stator core (32). The first curve portion (204) has a radius curvature larger than that of the second curve portion (206).




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