Single radio-transparent connector for multi-functional reference patch

Funkdurchlässiger Einzelstecker für multifunktionalen Referenz-Patch

Connecteur radio-transparent simple pour correction de référence multifonction


A patch and sensor assembly has a magnetic-based biosensor is housed in a reusable portion (114) that connects to the mapping and localization system via biosensor wires, and a disposable portion (112) provides an electrode layer through which impedance-based signals are transmitted to the mapping and localization system via ACL wires, wherein the biosensor wires (192) and the ACL wires (180) extend through a single cable (164) exiting the reusable portion. In one embodiment, the disposable portion includes an adhesive layer for adhering the electrode layer to a patient's body where the electrode layer is disposed on the adhesive hydrogel layer. The disposable portion also includes a foam layer disposed on the electrode layer, and an engagement element adapted to detachably receive at least a portion of a housing of the resuable portion. In one embodiment, the reusable portion (114) includes a housing defining a sealed interior volume in which a magnetic-based biosensor is provided with biosensor wires that exit the reusable portion. The housing (160) is also adapted to carry and/or provide support to an ACL contact member (178) that is responsive to the electrode layer of the disposable portion, and ACL wires (180) for the ACL contact member that exit the reusable portion. Advantageously, the biosensor wires (192) and the ACL wires (180) extend through a single cable to a mapping and localization system.




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