Hörsystem mit einer Alarmvorrichtung und Hörvorrichtung

A listening system comprising an alerting device and a listening device

Système d'écoute comportant un dispositif d'alerte et dispositif d'écoute


The application relates to: A listening system. The object of the present application is to provide a system that eases the acknowledgement of 'alarm signals', as e.g. issued by alarm indicators, in the environment of a user in difficult listening situations. The problem is solved in that the system comprises o a listening device adapted to be worn at or in an ear of a user, and ● an alerting device adapted to detect or receive an external alarm signal, ● wherein ● the listening device and the alerting device each comprise at least one communication interface allowing to establish a communication link between them, ● the alerting device is adapted to sense or receive information as to whether or not the listening device is in operational use, and ● the listening system is adapted to operate in at least two modes, ● a NORMAL mode, when said listening device is in operational use, and ● an ALARM mode, when said listening device is NOT in operational use; and wherein said listening system is adapted to issue specific ALARM mode signals to the user corresponding to said external alarm signals, when said listening system is in an ALARM mode. An advantage of the present system is that a user is able to take notice of alarms from normal indicators even in case of a hearing impairment and/or when located in a noisy environment. The invention may e.g. be used for the hearing instruments, ear protection devices, earphones, headsets or combinations thereof.




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