Aufzug mit positionsabhänglicher Bremskraft

Ascenseur avec force de freinage variable selon la position

Elevator with positon dependent braking force


The invention relates to an elevator having a car (62), arranged to be moved along at least one guide rail (64, 66) in an elevator guide way, the car having a brake for braking the car movement by gripping the guide rail, the brake having gripping means (68) for gripping the guide rail and exerting a friction force thereon, and adjusting means (70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84) for adjusting the gripping means with respect to its friction force exerted on the guide rails in case of braking. The adjusting means are configured to adjust the gripping means depending on the car position in the elevator guide way. The invention allows emergency braking particularly in higher and high rise elevators with a stopping distance which is mostly unaffected by the position of the elevator car in the guide way.




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