Improved gene targeting and nucleic acid carrier molecule, in particular for use in plants

Verbessertes Gen-Targeting und Nucleinsäureträgermoleküle, insbesondere zur Verwendung bei Pflanzen

Ciblage génique amélioré et molécule porteuse d'acide nucléique, en particulier pour utilisation dans des plantes


The present invention relates to a nucleic acid carrier molecule, comprising the general formula M-S 1 -L-W-S 2 , wherein M is a first polypeptide specifically binding to a donor nucleic acid sequence to be transferred into an organelle of a cell, W is a second polypeptide specifically binding to a target nucleic acid sequence, wherein said target nucleic acid sequence is located in an organelle of a cell, L is missing or is linking group allowing M and W flexibility and semi-independence, and S 1 and S 2 independently of each other are missing or are a signal peptide sequence, and can be fused to M and W proteins either N-or C-terminally, wherein said donor nucleic acid sequence is brought into close proximity with said target nucleic acid sequence when both nucleic acid sequences are bound to said carrier molecule. The present invention furthermore relates to methods for recombinantly transforming a nucleic acid into an organelle in a cell, preferably a plant cell, employing said nucleic acid carrier molecule.




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