Elastic coupling device for connecting two drive shafts


The invention relates to an elastic coupling device for connecting two drive shafts (8, 9) to a coupling disk (1), which is arranged axially between a first drive shaft (8) and a second drive shaft (9) and is arranged against the first drive shaft and the second drive shaft in a rotationally fixed manner, wherein the coupling disk (1) acts as a mechanical compensator during torque transmission between the two drive shafts (8, 9). In order to achieve a simple and light design, economical production, and durability and robustness in the operation of the coupling device, the coupling disk (1) according to the invention is retained without penetration by means of a plurality of circumferentially distributed clamping pieces (2, 2'), which are or can be connected to the first drive shaft (8) and to the second drive shaft (9) in circumferential alternation, wherein the coupling disk (1) and the clamping pieces (2, 2') are contoured in an axis-of-rotation direction (7) in such a way that the clamping pieces (2, 2') encompass the coupling disk (1) in a form-closed manner, wherein the form closure is effective in a rotational direction (12).




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