Authentication system


An authentication system 1 comprises: a plurality of unique article identifiers 3 each including a unique non-alphanumeric random graphic; an image capture means 40 for capturing an image comprising a random graphic 31a of one of the identifiers; a processing means connected to the image capture means; and a memory means connected to the processing means and having stored thereon a database including a representation of each of the random graphics and article identification data relating to an article associated with each respective random graphic. In operation the system captures, using the image capture means, an image comprising the random graphic of one of the unique identifiers, and compares at least part of the captured image with each of the one or more representations stored on the database in order to identify the random graphic in the captured image and retrieves the article identification data for the article associated with the identified random graphic. The system could find application in a retail environment, and the image capture means could be part of a mobile telecommunications device.




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