Polyethylene resin composition and container using it



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a polyethylene resin composition which is excellent in moldability and also to provide a polyethylene container which is obtained by thermal-molding or blow-molding of the polyethylene resin composition. SOLUTION: This polyethylene resin composition comprises (a) a polyethylene resin and (B) a crosslinked polyethylene and satisfies the following characteristics (a)-(g): (a) an indissoluble component of 0.1-20 wt.%, (b) MRF of 0.05-10 g/10 minutes, (c) a flow activation energy obtained from the range of 160-220°C is not higher than 35 kJ/mol, (d) a melt tension is not less than 50 mN, (e) (the melt tension)>110-100 xlog (MFR), (f) a nonlinear parameter which is an index of a strain curing of an elongation viscosity is not less than 3, and (g) the melt tension which is obtained after extrusion is conducted at 190°C is not less than 50% of the melt tension obtained before extrusion. COPYRIGHT: (C)2002,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】成形加工性に優れるポリエチレン系樹脂組成物 およびこれを熱成形またはブロー成形して得られるポリ エチレン系容器を提供する。 【解決手段】ポリエチレン系樹脂(A)及び架橋ポリエ チレン(B)からなり、下記(a)−(g)の特性を満 たすポリエチレン系樹脂組成物を用いる。 (a)不溶解成分が0.1〜20重量%、(b)MFR が0.05〜10g/10分、(c)160〜220℃ の範囲で求めた流動の活性化エネルギーが35kJ/m ol以下、(d)溶融張力が50mN以上、(e)(溶 融張力)>110−100xlog(MFR)、(f) 伸長粘度のひずみ硬化性の指標である非線形パラメータ ーが3以上、(g)190℃で押し出した後の溶融張力 が、押し出す前の溶融張力の50%以上




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