Silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and an pressure-sensitive adhesive tape



【課題】揮発性の低分子シロキサン成分の含有量が少なく、高温に曝された後の糊残りがほとんどないシリコーン系感圧接着剤組成物および粘着テープを提供する。 【解決手段】(A)(a)粘度10,500〜60,000mPa・sである分子鎖両末端にアルケニル基を有するオルガノポリシロキサンと(b)HR 1 2 SiO(R 1 2 SiO) m SiR 1 2 H(式中、mは10〜200の数)で表されるジオルガノハイドロジェンポリシロキサンとを鎖長延長させて得た分子鎖両端にアルケニル基を有するオルガノポリシロキサン、(B)R 3 SiO 1/2 単位とSiO 4/2 単位からなるオルガノポリシロキサンレジン、(C)オルガノハイドロジェンポリシロキサンおよび(D)ヒドロシリル化反応触媒を含み、重合度20以下の低分子シロキサン成分の含有量が1000ppm以下であるシリコーン系感圧接着剤組成物および該組成物からなる感圧接着層を有する粘着テープ。 【選択図】なし
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape wherein the content of a volatile low molecular siloxane is low and almost no adhesive is remained after exposure to high temperature. SOLUTION: The silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprises (A) an organopolysiloxane containing alkenyl groups at the both terminals of the molecule, which is obtained by subjecting (a) an organopolysiloxane containing alkenyl groups at the both terminals of the molecule and having viscosity of 10,500-60,000 mPa s and (b) a diorganohydrogenpolysiloxane represented by the formula of HR 1 2 SiO(R 1 2 SiO) m SiR 1 2 H (wherein m is a number of 10-200) to chain extension, (B) an organopolysiloxane resin comprising units of R 3 SiO 1/2 and SiO 4/2 , (C) an organohydrogenpolysiloxane and (D) a hydrosillylation catalyst, wherein a content of a low molecular siolxane ingredient having a polymerization degree of 20 or less is 1,000 ppm or lower. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer comprising the above composition. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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